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Amid Bitter Divorce, Florida Woman Goes Missing In Spain


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The woman was travelling through Europe, went missing in Madrid.

A 40-year-old woman from Florida, US, has gone missing in Spain amid a bitter divorce. Ana Knezevich, who is a US citizen originally from Colombia, vanished around two weeks ago, while her loved ones have claimed that they received “bizarre messages” from her phone before she disappeared, New York Post reported.

According to her family and friends, Ms Knezevich was going through an acrimonious split from her husband, who hails from Serbia. 

Ms Knezevich, who was travelling through Europe, went missing in Madrid on February 5, according to her brother Felipe Henao.

She was supposed to meet a friend in Barcelona, however, she did not arrive there, Mr Henao told a news outlet.

A resident of Fort Lauderdale, Ms Knezevich had rented an apartment in Madrid in December 2023. She was regularly in touch with her family and friends since then.

Her brother claimed that she went missing after a man –  wearing a helmet — was spotted blacking out the security cameras at the apartment with spray paint.

Ms Knezevich’s family and friends got concerned after they started getting text messages from her phone in Spanish. 

“That message in Spanish, it is like it’s translated from Google. It’s not her. She doesn’t say those things. Like nobody in Spanish will say it like that,” Henao was quoted as saying by DailyMail.

In the messages, it was stated that Ms Knezevich met a person, who lives at a place two hours from Madrid, and she is visiting him for a few days.

It added that she would get in touch with her family once she is back as there was no phone service available at the place where she was going. 

Ms Knezevich’s friend Sanna Rameau claimed that the US citizen was last seen by her neighbours on February 2.

On the day Ms Knezevich went missing, Sanna Rameau sent her a text, but did not receive any reply.

The next day, she received a text from the missing lady’s phone that she met a person and they had an instant “connection.”

Sanna Rameau received the text, “I’ll call you when I get back”.

However, Sanna Rameau asked her to send the address of the person’s home and asked whether it was a good idea to go with an unknown person.

“We received very bizarre messages from her phone, I have to say from her phone because I don’t believe it was her sending it, that Saturday afternoon after she disappeared. That she had met a man on the street,” Sanna Rameau told WSVN.

Sanna Rameau alleged that her friend has not left on her own and was “taken against her will and by who, I don’t know.”

The Spanish authorities are now further investigating the matter.

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