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Brits in Spain could be slapped with €60,000 fines if they flout restrictions


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As the heats up in sunny Spain, British tourists planning to in the coming months have been warned of some strict restrictions that will “directly affect “. Certain parts of the nation can be prone to droughts during the summer months and local authorities have provisionally approved strict rules if droughts hit a dangerous level.

“Popular holiday destinations in Europe have already begun implementing strict new rules amid ongoing droughts,” explained a water expert from Posh.co.uk.

A drought emergency was declared in Catalonia in February, then its reservoirs fell to 16 percent capacity after almost three years of below-average rainfall. The emergency included the city of Barcelona.

Though the restrictions have been lifted after a period of rainfall, if the situation changes, rules could be re-implemented later in the year. Britons travelling to certain regions of Spain should be sure to monitor the ongoing situation and pay attention to any regulations which could be in place.

“In the Costa del Sol, the Benalmádena City Council has provisionally approved fines of between €6,000 and €600,000, for people flouting drought measures,” counted Posh.co.uk.

The rules currently only apply in the event an emergency situation is declared. According to local news publisher Olive Press News Spain: Benalmadena City Council has provisionally approved fines of up to €600,000 for people flouting drought measures if they are imposed in a serious situation.

“Supplies could also be cut off for up to two days as part of a plan to be deployed in an emergency scenario.”

Andy Ellis, bathroom expert at Posh.co.uk, explained that if strict restrictions come into force they “will directly affect tourists”.

He added: “Aside from bans on topping up swimming pools, washing cars, and watering private gardens which affect residents, many places are cracking down on excessive water usage from holidaymakers.

“Failure to comply with many shower and bathing regulations could lead to eye-watering fines of €600,000 in extreme cases, so it is important to research before jetting off.

“Showers have [previously] been banned on the beach in parts of Tenerife, while in Spain there are plans for water meters to be installed near hotel bathrooms which will charge guests extra for excessive water use.”

These rules will only be enforced in emergency situations, which is why holidaymakers must be aware of local rules, regulations and updates.

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