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Capricorn Horoscope for February 2023 – Susan Miller Astrology Zone


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I have noticed how hard you have been working. Last month I asked you to find ways to take small breaks to pace yourself. The heavy workload you have been carrying has been hefty and has to do with the entry of Mars into Gemini last August 20. Mars has remained in this sign ever since, which is unusual because Mars typically stays in one sign for about six or seven weeks, but by the time Mars finishes up in Gemini, it will have been there for a total of seven months. Mars is the high-energy, high-action planet, so it is clear you’ve had your hands on the steering wheel and your eyes on the road for months.

It looks as though the full moon on February 5 in Leo, 17 degrees, will bring good financial news. It is very possible you will now see the fruits of your labor. Mars in your work-a-day sector (sixth house) will be beautifully aligned to both the Sun in your financial second house and full moon in your financial eighth house. Some sort of conclusion or closure to a money matter will reach you between February 4 and February 10.

It looks like the money you will see could be performance based, such as through royalties, commissions, a cash advance, or a bonus. If you work for others, it may be that you’ll get news that your company will give you better health insurance or other company benefits.

This full moon on February 5 in Leo, 17 degrees, will be mixed in outlook. There is a difficult aspect happening that involves Uranus, the planet of unexpected news, in hard angle to both the Sun and full moon. It’s possible that money will fly out of your bank account, however, to pay for an unexpected expense that will come up within five days of the full moon on February 5. Uranus is currently in your fifth house, so you might spend this cash to care for a child or another person you love. Alternatively, it’s possible a creative project is about to go over budget, and you will want to contribute some of your own resources to make sure you can take steps to protect and improve the endeavor.

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