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FIFA announces new VAR technology


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In recent years, the VAR (Video Assistant Referee) has been an essential tool for referees in football matches, but it has also generated controversies and criticism for its decisions. The Premier League has decided to address this issue by implementing semi-automatic reviews, with the intention of reducing the errors that have arisen this season. In the Spanish League, the possibility of adopting this system is not ruled out, although it faces challenges due to changes in the RFEF (Royal Spanish Football Federation) and its legal issues.

FIFA, the organization that regulates football worldwide, has shown interest in developing and improving VAR. FIFA President Gianni Infantino recently stated that 65 federations have already adopted VAR. In addition, a more basic and affordable version of VAR is being worked on, which requires fewer cameras and does not need match officials, which could facilitate its implementation in more leagues and competitions.

Development of a more accessible VAR technology with fewer cameras and without the need for match officials

Infantino explained at a recent congress that a simpler VAR technology has been created, with fewer cameras and without the need for match officials, which makes it more affordable. This new system is already in the testing phase and will allow coaches to ask for help from VAR twice per game. If the initial decision is changed in favor of the team that requested the review, they will not lose one of their requests and will still have two opportunities.

This approach is similar to the use of hawkeye in tennis, where players can request a review of the ball’s trajectory. Although this system also has its critics, many in tennis prefer the trail left on surfaces such as clay. In football, this new implementation of VAR is expected to reduce errors and increase fairness in referee decisions.

Infantino also addressed other topics of interest during his speech. The new Club World Cup in the United States was one of the highlighted topics. Infantino described it as a dream for all football fans and mentioned that the Intercontinental Cup will be recovered, where the Champions League champion will have a place in the final. Additionally, it was confirmed that Brazil will host the 2027 Women’s World Cup, which is exciting news for women’s soccer fans.

The new Club World Cup in the United States and the recovery of the Intercontinental Cup

Infantino also spoke about the future of women’s football, announcing that the Women’s World Cup will have 16 teams and that there will be a U-17 World Cup every year. Additionally, more FIFA academies will be established around the world, with a total of 75 new academies. These initiatives seek to promote the development of football at a global level and provide more opportunities to young talents.

Another interesting topic was the possibility of a Legends World Cup, a tournament that could bring together outstanding former players in the history of football. Although this idea is still in the conjecture phase, it has generated enthusiasm among fans. Infantino also mentioned that, after the break with EA Sports, FIFA is working on a new video game that promises to be an innovative experience for players.

In conclusion, the future of VAR and football in general looks promising with the new implementations and projects announced by FIFA. The simplification of VAR, the new Club World Cup, and the promotion of women’s and youth football are significant steps towards the modernization and expansion of the sport. Real Madrid and football fans in general can look forward to these new developments, which seek to make the sport more fair, accessible and exciting for everyone.

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