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Launch of “Forest science and technology in Argentina”


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The ‘Argentine Network of Forest Science and Technology’ (REDFOR in Spanish), which is part of theInstitutional Networks Oriented to Problem Solving’(RIOSP) of the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET), under the scope of the Scientific and Technological Development Managementof the Council, presents the bookForest science and technology in Argentina”. It is the second book of the Network, in conjunction with the magazine Argentina Forestal, which compiles two years of publications on the research activities of different groups in the country and the world and different approaches to thinking about forest science and technology.

Cristina Area, CONICET researcher at the  Instituto de Materiales de Misiones (Universidad Nacional de Misiones – CONICET), and one of the authors and editors of the book, explains that part of the objectives of REDFOR.ar is to generate the necessary mechanisms to address and disseminate in society the social, cultural role and environmental and economic importance of forests. For this reason, the Comisión Permanente de Comunicación was created, through which the strategic alliance with Argentina Forestal emerged. “This alliance has made it possible to disseminate the work of researchers and extensionists on issues related to the Internet in this important medium,” said the scientist. “However, the possibility of compiling the articles in a book provides a different permanence, allowing us to reach a broader and more extended audience over time,” Area added.

For her part, Ana María Lupi, forestry engineer at the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA) and one of the editors of the book, said: “It is a new achievement of REDFOR.ar in alliance with Argentina Forestal.” And she continues: “This demonstrates that networking, bringing together groups of different themes and geographical spaces, results in greater learning and synergy in the dissemination of knowledge.” Lupi valued the contribution of research groups from abroad, especially highlighting the teams from Colombia.

The book covers topics such as innovation, forestry, environment, technology, industry and various opinion pieces on forestry sciences. The material, which contains 21 opinion pieces and 16 technical articles, was produced by members of the public sector and the country’s academic and scientific system. Thus, the book has 275 pages that can be addressed by different audiences.

REDFOR.ar is a joint initiative of institutions linked to forestry sciences. It is made up of teachers, researchers and different institutions related to education, science and forestry technology. The objective of the Network is to coordinate the actions of generation and transfer of scientific-technical knowledge related to the sector.

To access to the book click HERE.

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