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Meet Aitana: Spanish AI Influencer Who Earns Around Rs 9 Lakh Monthly


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Meet Aitana: Spanish AI Influencer Who Earns Around Rs 9 Lakh Monthly.

In a world obsessed with social media influencers, a unique competitor has emerged – Aitana, a completely AI-generated model from Spain. Created by Ruben Cruz, founder of The Clueless agency, Aitana is not only defying expectations but also challenging the traditional influencer landscape.

Cruz’s decision to create Aitana stemmed from a period of frustration. The agency struggled to secure clients due to the unreliability of real-life influencers. “Many projects were put on hold due to problems beyond our control,” Cruz told Euronews, citing issues with egos, scheduling conflicts, and unreasonable demands from influencers.

This led to the birth of Aitana, a meticulously crafted virtual model with a carefully curated persona. Described as a vibrant 25-year-old with pink hair, Aitana quickly amassed a following on Instagram, currently boasting over 306,000 followers. Her earnings are impressive – according to The Clueless, Aitana can secure up to €10,000 (approximately Rs 9 lakh) per month, with an average income of around €3,000 (approximately Rs 2.7 lakh).

Beyond Images: A Story to Connect With Fans

Unlike traditional photo shoots, Aitana’s life is entirely digital. A team of designers and AI experts use Photoshop to create the illusion of Aitana’s activities, from weekend getaways to fitness routines. “We realised that people follow lives, not images,” explains the agency’s graphic designer. “We had to give her a bit of reality to connect with people.”

This focus on storytelling extends to Aitana’s personality. Described as outgoing, caring, and a fitness enthusiast, she has a distinct character that goes beyond the usual blank canvas approach used for real models. This intentional creation of a relatable personality seems to be working, with Aitana even receiving messages from celebrities unaware of her virtual status.

AI Influencers: Trendsetters in Marketing?

Aitana’s success has sparked a trend, with The Clueless already creating a second virtual model, Maia. The agency is also fielding requests from brands seeking their own personalised AI models. Cruz believes this technology can benefit businesses by offering a reliable and cost-effective way to promote themselves. He criticises the inflated fees of real-life influencers, stating, “Kim Kardashian makes a million euros for an Instagram photo… Nobody earns a million euros for uploading a photo.” In contrast, AI models offer brands continuity and control over their image, potentially lowering marketing costs and opening doors for smaller businesses.

Can AI Influencers Be Ethical?

However, the rise of AI influencers isn’t without controversy. Critics warn of the unrealistic beauty standards these models could set for younger generations. Additionally, concerns exist regarding the sexualised imagery often associated with influencers, which Aitana herself embodies to a certain extent. The Clueless defends this approach by claiming they’re simply reflecting the existing marketing aesthetics of brands and real-life influencers. They believe the responsibility lies with brands to change their strategies to promote a more diverse and realistic image.

Aitana’s story highlights the potential and pitfalls of AI influencers. While this technology offers exciting possibilities for marketers and content creators, ethical considerations regarding body image and representation require careful attention. As AI continues to evolve, navigating these challenges will be crucial to ensuring responsible and inclusive applications of this powerful technology.

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