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New casinos – are they worth it? – Olive Press News Spain


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Online casinos are hugely popular around the world. In Spain, online casinos were legalized in 2011 and, like everywhere else, the industry has exploded. However, this means that there are a huge number of online casinos available to players with more arriving on the scene every month. As such, it can make it very hard for players to know where to play.

Knowing whether to play at a new online casino versus an older, more established one, can be a particularly challenging decision. This is especially the case for newer players. New casinos can be tempting, offering huge bonuses and additional gamification features. But, without an established reputation, can they be trusted?

Why use a new online casino

New casinos are often very enticing for players to try out. They’re often marketed very strongly in an effort to bring in more players. And of course, they tend to have a lot going for them. There are a number of features that new casinos offer in comparison to older, more established ones. As such, they can be a much better place to play for many players.

Bigger bonuses

One of the most obvious, outstanding features of new online casinos are the bonuses. In an industry where platforms need to stand out from the crowd, the best way to do this is by offering players lucrative bonuses every step of the way.

As a contrast to more established online casinos, newer sites tend to have more generous bonuses. These come in a variety of forms, but the welcome offer is always much bigger than players usually see at established casinos. Not only will newer casinos offer welcome bonuses, but they tend to have a wider array of ongoing promotions too. All of this is in an effort to encourage players to join, and then stay there rather than going back to their older casino.

Better user interface

As technology develops, so online casinos improve. Newer casinos are able to benefit from the latest technological advantages. They can also take a look at older casino sites and see what works and what doesn’t. By checking out their competition, new casinos are able to tailor their sites to appeal to players more directly.

A lot of this is simply modifying the interface, making it more user-friendly. But, design and colour schemes are also taken into account. New casinos, for instance, are much better at offering players the option of a dark theme, allowing them to change the look of the site for better comfort.

And, while most casinos have now transitioned to HMTL5 from Flash, some have not. New casinos on the other hand, are built using HTML5 making them completely mobile-compatible from the outset. This enables players to access all the games no matter what device they are using. It also means that, more and more, new casinos are not opting to create mobile apps. While this may seem like a negative, it means that their site is fully mobile optimised, negating the need for players to download additional apps.

More games

New casinos are able to take lessons from older casinos that have gone before. This also includes the games they can provide. Typically, newer online casinos have a wider range of providers on their site. Older casinos often stick to fewer providers meaning the game selection isn’t quite as large. With larger collections, new casinos are able to encourage more players to join as the likelihood of the casino having a game the player wants to play is increased.

Making payments

New casinos also have a wider array of different payment methods available. Many new casinos use Google Pay for casino deposits in the UK and Spain. A wider variety of eWallets and prepaid methods is also available at newer casinos. Additionally, some of the really new sites also include cryptocurrency payments.

With more choice, players are more likely to sign up and play. These new sites also tend to couple their array of payment options with minimal fees, fast withdrawals and low minimum deposit and withdrawal options.

Being responsible

Finally, new casinos are also able to provide better responsible gambling tools. These include cooling off periods, limits on losses and deposits as well as self-exclusion. While older, more established casinos have these in place too, due to requirements, new casinos often do it a lot better. Subsequently, players can play in a safer, more secure environment.

Reasons to avoid new casinos

However, while there are plenty of things to like about new casinos, there are some downsides.

No reputation

With the newness of a casino, there comes trusted issues. Many players, quite rightly, take a look at player reviews before signing up to a casino. This is because these reviews are often the most accurate way of gauging how a casino operates. If there are complaints but these are addressed in a timely, positive fashion, then this helps to build the casino’s reputation. And vice versa.

While established casinos will have plenty of player reviews in place, brand-new casinos won’t. This can make it incredibly hard for players to know whether or not they can trust this new casino. It doesn’t help that non-player reviews can be paid for and positively promote fraudulent sites. As such, players may have to choose where they play without the aid of any reviews.

Licencing issues

In most jurisdictions, online casinos are regulated which means they need licences to operate. Most new casinos will abide by this. However, not all licences are created equal which can lead to lower-level or no licences being used. With no licencing or governing body in place, these casinos are free to do what they want. And this means that players might be subjected to scams or fraudulent bonus offers with no chance of external aid or back up from a governing jurisdiction.

Overall though, if players do their research, new online casinos are often a great place to play. With huge game libraries and generous offers, the fun keeps on coming.

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