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One of Spain’s highest villages is incredibly walkable and has amazing views


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A popular online travel blogger has shared a some 1,486 metres , which has quaint narrow streets and beautiful architecture.

Sophie Nadeau runs the travel blog Solo Sophie, in which she regularly posts tips on the to certain or countries and shares what tourists should do .

Recently, Sophie shared a guide to a recent trip to Trevélez, the one of the highest villages in Spain, which is split into three sections.

She explained: “Trevélez is split into a higher, middle, and lower town due to its position nestled intop the cliff face above the glittering Trevélez river.

“The inner parts of the town are all pedestrianised cobbled lanes (which are still repaired by hand when needed) and steep staircases.”

Located in the province of Grenada, Trevélez is one of the region’s ‘pueblos blancos’ thanks to the village’s pure white buildings.

With a population of under 1,000, Sophie noted that very little has changed in the village in around 500 years, featuring narrow, cobbled streets and Moroccan-style architecture.

Whilst the origins of the village are relatively unknown, the blogger suggested that nearby ruins date back to the Roman era, around 1,800 years ago.

Sophie recommended that food lovers planning on taking a trip to Trevélez sample some air-cured ham, a delicacy the village specialises in.

Thanks to its high altitude, Trevélez has a drier and colder climate compared to most parts of Spain, making it ideal for curing meats such as ham.

As a result, a number of vendors across the village sell the locally cured food, whilst another local runs a ham museum, showing visitors the drying process.

The travel blogger also suggested that tourists visiting Trevélez should keep an eye out for small statues and figures that are hidden throughout the village.

Mostly sculptured animals, these statues include an eagle looking over the village and a full-sized horse stood next to the town hall.

Visitors wishing to go further afield can also go on a hike through some of Spain’s highest mountains, remembering to bring plenty of water and snacks.

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