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Peru: Andina News Agency celebrates 43rd anniversary of credibility and technology


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The Peruvian Andina News Agency today celebrates its 43rd creation anniversary, with undeniable leadership in the informative coverage of the work carried out by the Peruvian State, as well as the country’s political, economic, and scientific endeavors, in addition to stories of Peruvians who stand out in domestic regions and globally.

After more than four decades, people can still hear the phrase: “If it’s on Andina, it’s because it’s verified information, it’s official” —a characteristic that backs the credibility it has held since June 12, 1981, the day it was established during the Government of President Fernando Belaunde Terry.

Cable, telex, and memorable fax messages made way for the web platform in 2003, paving the road for digital innovation, and currently, for AI, enabling Andina to be part of the new Internet era and enhance its technological tools.


The goal of delivering immediate and real-time information has undoubtedly been strengthened by technology, but also by an inclusive work vision that embraces Peru’s social, cultural, and geographical diversity.

Illariy hosts the weekly news show titled “Illariywan Yachariy” (Learn with Illariy).

This initiative is intended to preserve native languages and promote the rich cultural diversity that characterizes Peru.

Feature stories

In this regard, Andina News Agency has set out this year for the Feature Stories Section to become the ideal multimedia space to produce reports on social issues that need to be addressed as these normalize social exclusion, violence, and discrimination.

An example is the Spanish-language special report “Teenage Pregnancy: The Cost of Early Motherhood,” which revealed the suffering experienced by around 50,000 women aged 10-19, as well as girls aged 8-9, due to pregnancy resulting from either consensual relationships or rape, a topic that raised awareness about this issue in the country.


When in 1992, Andina News Agency left its premises on the fourth floor of the emblematic Pizarro building, in front of Lima’s Main Square, to relocate to the 8th block of Alfonso Ugarte Avenue, those who used to lead it then did not guess that its informational offerings would diversify to meet the Peruvian population’s interests.

The classic journalistic sections have been joined by communication products like Andina Online Channel, which offers daily live news updates, videos covering topics that impact people’s lives, and photo galleries capturing moments from both local and global events.

And while each year had its own focus, after the COVID-19 pandemic, the agency began producing useful and diverse content for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

Social media

Andina News Agency has 2 million followers across on social media platforms.

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