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POLL – Does Spain’s new £97 rule for tourists put you off visiting for holidays


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British tourists have been left enraged by a new rule in Spain that could require them to prove they have £97 of spending money per day.

Spain could ask tourists to prove they have the money if they want to holiday on the mainland, in the Balearics or the Canary Islands.

Despite Spain being the UK’s leading holiday destination, some British tourists have said they will “boycott” the Mediterranean country if the rule goes ahead.

One person slammed the rules as “anti British” and urged Britons to “holiday elsewhere” accusing Spain of being “desperate for cash”.

An Express.co.uk commenter said: “The Spanish authorities seem hell-bent on killing the golden goose of tourism.

“Well, I am going to do my bit. I have cancelled my holiday to Tenerife and am going to holiday in Italy.”

Another person said: “We went to Spain and found most to be very welcoming. We don’t spend as much as £97 per day but will spend in local businesses and bars. We are ordinary courteous Brits so don’t have a problem.”

‘Ian S’ said: “Good luck to them because something tells me that they’ll need it. It will come back to bite them where it hurts most.”

Would Spain’s new rule put you off visiting there? Feel like cancelling an upcoming holiday to Gran Canaria?

Vote in our Express.co.uk poll and share your thoughts about the new rule in the comment section.

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