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Spanish Lesbian Couple Blessed With Baby They Both Carried


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Derek Eloy was born in October, to thirty-year-old Estefanía, and 27-year-old Azahara(Pic: Jam Press)

New Delhi: A Spanish Lesbian couple has become one of the world’s first to have a baby they both carried, according to the Metro.

Derek Eloy was born in October, to thirty-year-old Estefanía, and 27-year-old Azahara. According to doctors, Azhara carried the baby for nine months, and the egg that went on to produce him was fertilized in Estefanía’s womb.

“Now, I look at him, my partner and I look at each other, and we feel that it’s something that has been within both of us, something we’ve done together,” Estefanía said.

According to the couple, they used an innovative fertility treatment called INVOcell to conceive. It uses a small capsule – about the size of a thumb, containing eggs and sperm placed inside the vagina.

Even though the fertilization process is similar to natural conception, the capsule is left for at least a week inside the vagina for further process and incubation.

Then, it is removed, and the embryos are examined and selected before being transferred into another uterus for further development.

After this incubation period, the device is removed from the body and the quality of the embryos that have developed are examined.

For this process, Estefania carried the foetus initially, and thereafter Azahara carried Derek for the rest of the nine months. Derek was born via c-section in Majorca. The couple said they paid $5,489 for the treatment, including the medication.

A doctor from the team that made Derek’s birth possible explained, “The novelty in this process is that both could carry the embryo and share it for as long as needed.”

How does INVOcell work?

According to doctors who conduct this procedure, it is recommended to avoid any strenuous physical activity or any other activity that could change the temperature of the vagina, such as taking a bath or using a sauna.

Also, the patient gets to decide on the number of embryos to be transferred to their uterus. The remaining embryos can then also be frozen for future use.

INVOcell works best when patients have a BMI of 34 or less, an AMH of 0.8 or greater, and access to high-quality sperm. Doctors say the technique costs less than IVF and has a higher success rate than IUI. It is best for:

  • Same-sex female couples
  • Couples seeking an affordable alternative to IVF treatment
  • Patients who are candidates for three cycles of FSH IUI
  • Single moms by choice

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purposes only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a dietician before starting any fitness programme or making any changes to your diet.

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