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Spanish Politician Resigns After Photos Reveal He Offered Himself As ‘Sex Slave’


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Daniel Gómez del Barrio, a Spanish politician, hitherto serving as the head of the Department of Youth, Children, and Family, tendered his resignation at the behest of the local mayor, José Manuel Tofino. The major political scandal recently occurred in the Spanish municipality of Illescas, which is located in the Castilla-La Mancha area. The incident was sparked by the former councilor for children who was linked with the Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE).

This judgment was prompted by the appearance of a number of movies and pornographic ads starring the aforementioned official, in which he asked to be treated like “a coprophagous organism” and requested to be the object of sexual actions. In particular, recordings from six years earlier came to light, in which Gómez del Barrio professed his willingness to engage in sex abuse and even expressed enjoyment in being humiliated and used as a toilet. In addition, he demonstrated a readiness to partake in verbal sex and prostitution, both in person and digitally.

Following the disclosure of these disturbing findings, the former council member chose to leave at the request of the municipality, declining to offer any analysis or assessment at the time of his resignation.

Strangely, even though the people in the neighborhood knew that this video content existed before he was appointed councilor, the PSOE and Mayor Tofino gave him responsibility for youth, children, and family policy.

The former councilor’s friends informed the media that he intended to give up politics and live a private life. Still, there is more incriminating material from his history than just the solicitations described above. Not too long after his mystical demands went viral, a video that showed him eating his own excrement at his old office also became quite popular.

The Greek words “copros” (meaning feces) and “phagein” (meaning to eat) are the source of the phrase “coprophily,” which refers to the intentional consumption of human excrement. Although this behavior is normal for certain animal species, it is seen as abnormal in humans and is sometimes linked to the psychiatric condition known as “coprophilia.”

The official seemed to have no fear of being made publically visible because he was prepared to share personal information about himself, including his complete name and contact information, making contact easier for anyone who would be interested in doing the same.

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