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Tourists urged to learn new Spanish travel laws or face fines of up to £25,600


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The online gaming company Slingo has warned tourists that not taking the time to learn local rules before going on holiday could risk being fined tens of thousands of pounds.

Holidays are typically a time in which tourists like to relax, sometimes doing things they often would avoid when they are at home.

However, Dom Aldworth, Brand Marketing Coordinator at Slingo, suggested that not following local laws could come with incredibly serious consequences.

He explained: “Everyone knows that the British public love a holiday, and now that it’s spring, UK tourists will be starting to think about where they want to travel this summer.

“However, before you pack your suitcase, it’s important to educate yourself on any travel rules, especially as new regulations are announced every year. This way you can enjoy your summer holiday, whilst staying safe and being respectful to local laws.”

First, Slingo recommended that tourists be respectful to locals at all times whilst they are on holiday by looking into local customs and traditions.

In particular, the company highlighted that Majorca, a popular destination due to its bustling night life, recently announced that it will be fining tourists for inappropriate behaviour.

To help stay on the friendly side of local residents, many travel experts suggest learning how to say the phrase ‘Do you speak English?’ in the native language and not drinking too heavily.

Another way in which Slingo suggested that tourists should be mindful is by bringing some proof of accommodation with them at all times.

Spain has recently introduced a new law that could fine non-EU citizens up to £8,000 if they do not have any proof of where they are staying during their trip.

In most cases, this involves the hotel or loved one that the tourist is staying with requesting the proof from the local police force.

Finally, whilst many tourists enjoy relaxing on the beach with a good book and some music, they must still be mindful that the volume is not too high.

As laws surrounding noise pollution get increasingly stringent, Alicante is to introduce new legislation discouraging tourists from playing music too loudly.

Tourists who make too much noise, either in public spaces such as the beach or in their accommodation, could face a fine of up to €30,000 (£25,600).

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