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Update on Carlos Sainz’s Health: Is the Spanish Driver Expected to Return for the Australian GP?


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Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz in his racing suit.

Photo : X/@Carlossainz55

Just before the third free practice in Saudi Arabia, Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz was suddenly unable to participate due to being diagnosed with appendicitis. This update followed Sainz’s difficult performance in the first practice sessions of the weekend, which he described as one of his most challenging days in an F1 car.

In an official statement, Ferrari verified Sainz’s condition and hoped for his quick improvement. In place of Sainz, Ferrari’s backup driver, Oliver Bearman, rose to the challenge. After having a 2-week break before the Australian Grand Prix, will the Spaniard be completely healed and ready to race this weekend?

Appendicitis is caused by a swollen and infected appendix due to obstruction, leading to severe symptoms like stomach pain, queasiness, and vomiting. If untreated, it can progress to the appendix bursting, allowing bacteria to cause serious infections and complications in the abdominal cavity.

Surgical removal of the appendix, known as an appendectomy, is the primary treatment for appendicitis. It is best done before the appendix ruptures to prevent further complications. Research shows a quicker recovery for those who had surgery earlier.

Carlos Sainz returned to F1 after surgery, indicating his appendix likely didn’t burst. Recovery is typically 2-4 weeks, longer if it ruptures. He probably had laparoscopic surgery for faster recovery, less scarring, and reduced pain.

Formula 1 drivers are known for their toughness and strength due to rigorous training. It is probable that Sainz could resume driving soon. Opinions differ on his readiness for the Australian GP. Some point to his youth and minimally invasive surgery, suggesting a quick return. Others worry about the physical strain of racing and the possibility of reinjury or complications.

Ferrari is interested in hiring the Spaniard, but Fred Vasseur is cautious due to doubts about his recovery.

Ferrari’s Fred Vasseur raised concern over Sainz racing in Australia, prioritizing his full recovery over a quick return to the track, emphasizing his well-being as a top priority.

“It’s a huge recovery, and we have to concentrate on Melbourne.” He will rest well this week, and we will see if he competes in Australia. I don’t want to rush or anything; he’s an adult and will make the correct decision,” Vasseur told Sports Illustrated.

Furthermore, Sainz is set to travel to Melbourne this weekend to carry on with his recovery. We will find out if he will participate in the race when the drivers need to fulfill their media obligations.

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