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¿V Team, están listos? Are you ready?


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Hola V Team, on today’s edition of Up To Speed, we’re celebrating National Spanish Language Day! ¡El Día Nacional del Idioma Español!

This celebration was started by the United Nations (UN) to commemorate the history and the use of Spanish as an official language of the UN.

And as you know here at Verizon, we celebrate and appreciate our Hispanic customers today and every day!

🎁 Need a gift for Mother’s Day? ¿Buscas el regalo perfecto para mamá?

Speaking of celebrations, as the month of May approaches, we’re preparing to celebrate that special person in our lives: mom.

At Verizon, we know that mom deserves the best, whether you celebrate Mother’s Day on May 10th 12th or the 26th. Our offers allow you to gift mom the latest tech to stay connected year-round.

Moms are usually trying to take care of everything and everyone. In fact, did you know that a recent Verizon survey with Morning Consult found that nearly half of Latina moms use their phone upgrade for someone else in the family to get a new phone?

This year, it’s time to put mom’s tech needs first!

You can get her the iPhone 15 Pro with Titanium on us, with a trade-in of any iPhone, in any condition with a new line on Unlimited Ultimate.

Plus, with Verizon, you can use your consular registration I.D. from your country of origin. And with Nova Credit, Verizon recognizes international credit history, making it even easier to access the best plans and devices on America’s most reliable 5G network.

🌍 Is your family abroad? ¿ Tu familia vive en el extranjero?

But that’s not our only offer, did you know that nearly 40% of Latinos call their moms daily?

If you have family abroad, check out our Global Choice offer. New and existing customers who add a new Unlimited line to their account in-store, can choose one of 17 Global Choice countries in Latin America and get international calling to that country, on us, for three years with a $10 a month bill credit.

📺 Pass the remote control! ¡Pasa el control remoto!

We all know how important it is for mom and the entire family to be able to watch their favorite shows in Spanish.

Well now you can subscribe and enjoy ViX Premium, the largest Spanish-language streaming service in the world with original series, movies and telenovelas on us for six months! Wow, that’s a win for mom and the whole family!

For a complete gift guide for Mom, click here and be sure to visit one of our stores.

Para un guía de regalos completo, haz clic aquí y recuerda visitar nuestras tiendas.

😀 Welcome, we speak Spanish! ¡Bienvenidos, hablamos español!

The V Teamers at all of our Verizon stores do their absolute best to make sure our Spanish-speaking customers feel comfortable and excited to be a part of the Verizon family.

At our Watchung, New Jersey store, V Teamers shared that 85% of the customers who walk through their doors are Hispanic. The store’s bilingual reps shared that being able to speak Spanish with their customers makes for an overall better experience.

We shared a testimonial from customer Liliana Drake, who shared why having access to Spanish-speaking reps is so valuable to her experience at Verizon.

“A lot of times, people have questions, and they may not know the technical terms in English, so it’s nice to be able to go into a store and have people there who speak Spanish,” said Liliana. “It makes people feel comfortable to come in and express themselves and ask questions the way they genuinely want to ask them.”

What other V Teamers use Spanish in their jobs? ¿Qué otros miembros del V Team usan el español en sus trabajos?

A bilingual rep can be very helpful, but they’re not the only V Teamers who are utilizing this special skill.

We shared a video featuring Bilingual Consultant Genevieve Williams, Senior SMB Sales Director Jorge Zapata and Network Operations Engineer Emilio Leonard who all shared how speaking Spanish has been vital in their roles at Verizon.

V Team, if you find Spanish helpful in your role here at Verizon, share your stories in the comments section of today’s story, we love to read your stories!

The Verizon Credo, El credo de Verizon

There’s no doubt that being bilingual can serve many purposes throughout Verizon, but at the core the mission is always the same, to serve our customers, communities and offer the very best products and services. Which is why we decided that our Credo, which captures our fundamental values, should also exist in Spanish.

To view our Credo in Spanish, click here.

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