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Where to Stay In Puerto Rico: Best Local Places, Hotels, and Affordable Spots


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If you’re wondering where to stay in Puerto Rico, this article is for you. Choosing the right place to stay in Puerto Rico could distinguish between a great vacation and a forgettable one.

Located in the Caribbean Sea, not far from the Virgin Islands (also a U.S. territory), lies the island of Puerto Rico. It is a fantastic, diverse country that offers a variety of attractions, from stunning natural landscapes to dazzling urban centers.

Puerto Rico is frequently considered a remarkable place and has been a very fashionable spot for well over one hundred years.

Old San Juan in Puerto Rico has a rich cultural background, captivating beaches, many activities, and a pleasant way of life, making it the perfect Caribbean escape.

If you’re looking to take a dip in the ocean or learn about the island’s Spanish colonial times, try some of the local dishes, or go to one of the wildlife refuges, Puerto Rico offers something to satisfy everyone during their stay.

1. San Juan, Where to Stay in Puerto Rico for Sightseeing and First Timers

San Juan 1067855027.png

San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico, is the second oldest settlement established by Europeans in the United States. It is the biggest and most famous city in Puerto Rico, merely a 15-minute drive away from SJU airport, and a wonderful place to visit.

San Juan is renowned for its narrow cobblestone roads, historical Spanish buildings, alluring beaches, and vibrant culture. It is where to stay in Puerto Rico for the best primary tourist attraction and culture.

Going to Old San Juan is a great way to experience the 16th century, as the city has several historic sites and attractions, including La Fortaleza, El Palacio De Santa Catalina, Castillo San Cristóbal, Fort San Felipe Del Morro, Paseo de la Princesa, and the Door of San Juan.

In particular, the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista stands out as a stunning representation of the city’s ecclesiastical history. It is the ultimate resting place of the great Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon and showcases stunning examples of Puerto Rican contemporary design and craftsmanship, making it the perfect spot to learn about both the island’s past and present.

Tourists looking to explore the old city of San Juan should visit the Teatro Tapia, the City Hall, Casa Rosa, the Diputación Provincial and Real Intendencia buildings, the San Jose Church, Maria Magdalena De Pazzis Cemetery, and the many squares such as the Plaza De Armas, the central and most visited plaza.

If you are interested in history, there is no shortage of museums, including the Museo Casa Blanca, built in 1521 as the residence of Juan Ponce de León, now displaying 16th and 17th-century artifacts, the Museum of Art and History, and the Maritime Museum. You will also find the Felisa Rincón de Gautier Museum, used as a lodging for Spanish soldiers in the 1800s.

If you want to shop, head to the biggest mall in the Caribbean called Plaza Las Américas. If you want a more luxurious shopping experience, visit the Mall of San Juan close to San José Lagoon.

There is no shortage of eateries and nightlife spots in San Juan. Downtown San Juan has a great variety of restaurants, pubs, outlets, and lodgings. There are several best hotels in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

There are plenty of family-friendly towns like Condado, with a lagoon, beachside resorts with swimming pools, casinos, a terrace, and many activities for children if you ask yourself where to stay in San Juan Puerto Rico.

Best Places To Stay In Puerto Rico in San Juan

  • Condado Vanderbilt Hotel
  • Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino
  • CasaBlanca Hotel
  • Hotel El Convento
  • Navona Studios

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2. Santurce, Where To Stay in Puerto Rico for Nightlife

Santurce 1962153103.png

Where to stay in Puerto Rico? Santurce, renowned as the hip area of San Juan, is a 15-minute car ride from the Old Town of San Juan to the south of Condado. It is the best place to stay in Puerto Rico when you want to enjoy wildlife.

This part of San Juan has some of the highest population densities in all of the Caribbean.

Celebrating Puerto Rico’s arts & culture, this place is often likened to Miami’s Wynwood Arts district.

The Galería Casa Jefferson and Puerto Rico Museum of Art are situated here, as well as C787 and the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (MAC), which display various mixed and multimedia works from different countries.

If you are a fan of arts and performing arts, visit the Centro de Bellas Artes Luis A. Ferré, a respected venue that held the performance of the Broadway hit Hamilton for a three-week period.

Attend the yearly festivals of Santurce es Ley and Los Muros Hablan, dine and wine in the local restaurants, and enjoy a night out with friends or alone to experience the culture and beauty of Santurce.

Best Places to Stay in Puerto Rico in Santurce

  • San Juan Marriott Resort and Stellaris Casino
  • Avila Guesthouse
  • O:Live Boutique Hotel, A Small Luxury Hotel of the World
  • Hyatt Place San Juan – City Center
  • Condado Vanderbilt Hotel

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3. Isla Verde, Where to Stay in Puerto Rico for Couples and Families

Isla Verde 712788880.png

Situated East of the city of San Juan, Isla Verde is a popular tourist destination home to numerous high-end resorts in Puerto Rico and the best place to stay in Puerto Rico. Its tranquil atmosphere and family-friendly environment make it a great spot for families and couples who want a serene atmosphere with quick access to San Juan and the coast.

Try your luck on some of the best hookup apps if you don’t have somebody to bring with you to Isla Verde. This part of the island is also well-known for boasting some of the finest north shore beaches of Puerto Rico.

The Isla Verde shoreline is separated into three distinct beach areas, including Pine Grove, which local surfers prefer and Alambique which all provide a variety of water sports such as surfing, diving, kayaking, and snorkeling. The third area is Carolina Public Beach, which has brilliant white sands and sapphire-hued waters.

Isla Verde is also the site of the Luis Munoz Marin International Airport, the primary international airport in Puerto Rico, and near numerous tourist attractions in Old San Juan.

Isla Verde is a popular destination due to its abundance of restaurants that offer genuine Puerto Rican cuisine and bars that offer a vibrant atmosphere during the night. It is also conveniently located near Piñones, known for its delectable Puerto Rican dishes.

Most of the hotels in Isla Verde are near the beach, providing amenities like dining and sightseeing.

Best Places to Stay in Puerto Rico in Isla Verde

  • Embassy Suites by Hilton San Juan – Hotel & Casino
  • Fairmont El San Juan Hotel
  • Hampton Inn & Suites San Juan
  • TRYP by Wyndham Isla Verde

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4. Rio Grande, Where to Stay in Puerto Rico for Outdoor Activities

Rio Grande 1573447240.png

Situated east of Isla Verde, Rio Grande is the best place to stay in Puerto Rico. It is a tranquil beachside village in a secluded coastal valley. Tourists desiring the best tropical vacation spots will feel at ease in Rio Grande.

It is home to El Yunque National Forest, the only subtropical rainforest in the United States, comprising 28,000 acres and more than 240 plant species.

El Yunque National Forest is the only rainforest within the United States National Forest Service, and it is considered one of the most visited sites in Puerto Rico.

Staying in Rio Grande is ideal for those seeking an adventurous trip to Puerto Rico. There are countless outdoor activities, such as trekking, going down waterfalls, ziplining, chasing waterfalls, rappelling, and swimming.

Plus, several constructed watchtowers, such as the Yocahú Observation Tower and Mount Britton Tower, provide an elevated view of the area.

A visit to La Coca Waterfall is an absolute requirement for anyone traveling along the rainforest route. The Carabalí Rainforest Adventure Park will appeal to thrill-seekers due to its go-kart racing, mountain bike trails, and a UTV adventure tour.

Horseback riding and other outdoor activities suitable for younger age groups are also available for those who prefer a more relaxed experience.

Several annual celebrations, such as the Rio Grande Carnival in July, Las Picuas Festival in September, and the Stuffed Potato Festival in April, offer interesting activities depending on when you come.

Best Places to Stay in Puerto Rico in Rio Grande

  • Margaritaville Vacation Club Wyndham Rio Mar
  • St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort, Puerto Rico
  • Hyatt Regency Grand Reserve Puerto Rico
  • Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Puerto Rico Golf & Beach Resort

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5. Culebra Island, Where to Stay in Puerto Rico for Beach Paradise

Culebra Island 1451846984.png

Where to stay in Puerto Rico? Culebra Island, commonly called Isla Chiquita, is one of the smaller islands in the archipelago of Puerto Rico. It is the best place to stay in Puerto Rico, situated east of Fajardo, near the main island’s coast. Its title derives from the word “snake,” and it is 10 square miles tall.

The island is known for its beautiful, Diamond-white shorelines, such as Playa Flamenco, Playa Tamarindo, Las Vacas Beach, Brava Beach, Larga Beach, Punta Soldado Beach, Resaca Beach, Tortuga Beach, Zoni Beach, and it also has abundant wildlife. In short, Culebra island is where to stay in Puerto Rico for the best island vacations.

Playa Flamenco, generally referred to as Flamenco Beach, is renowned globally and has been placed third in world rankings. It is renowned for the US Army tanks that were a part of former military maneuvers, which can be traced back to World War II.

In the past 100 years, a significant portion of Culebra has been conserved as a National Wildlife Refuge, providing a safe haven for endangered avian and aquatic creatures and being a crucial area in which 13 types of birds and three species of turtles can nest.

If you’re looking for a break from sea life, make sure to visit the Culebra Museum of History, which used to be a Naval munitions storage space and the lighthouse in Culebrita Island.

The most significant festival here is the Patron Saint Festival in July, also referred to as the Fiestas Patronales De Nuestra Senora Del Carmen, a religious and cultural event to pay respect to Mary, mother of Jesus.

Other festivals include the February Windsurfing Competition, the March Fishing Tournament, and the November Craft Festivals.

Best Places to Stay in Puerto Rico in Culebra:

  • Club Seabourne Hotel
  • Culebra Island Villas
  • Villa Ensenada Honda

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6. Luquillo, Where to Stay in Puerto Rico for Fantastic Beaches and Unspoiled Natural Beauty

Luquillo Beach 1983721997.png

Luquillo, also called the Sun’s Capital, is a mere 40-minute drive from San Juan and east of Rio Grande. It is the best place to stay in Puerto Rico to enjoy the natural beauty.

It is well-known for its magnificent beaches, including the Balneario Monserrate that the government runs, Playa Azul, the surfing hub Playa La Pared, and La Selva, now officially called the Northeast Ecological Corridor. In short, Luquillo is where to stay in Puerto Rico for unspoiled natural splendor and exquisite beaches.

Festivals are celebrated from April to December in Luquillo, with popular ones including the Leatherback Turtle Festival, Traditional Cooking Festival, Festival De Zanqueros, and Coconut Festival. These festivals help raise funds for important causes.

One of the most exciting and enjoyable festivals is the Fiestas Patronales De San Jose which happens in March. This is when the local people commemorate their patron saint with parades, activities, crafts, amusement park rides, onstage performances, and local delicacies.

Since public transportation is virtually nonexistent in the town, you may need to rent a car or take a taxi to get around. But if you just want to take it easy, several beaches are nearby and can be reached on foot.

Best Places To Stay in Puerto Rico in Luquillo:

  • Casa Coral
  • The Surfing Turtle
  • Yunque Mar Beach Hotel
  • Luquillo Sunrise Beach Inn

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7. Where to stay in Puerto Rico, Mayaguez

Mayaguez 1269999922.png

Where to stay in Puerto Rico? Founded in 1760 by Faustino Martínez de Matos, Juan de Aponte, and Juan de Silva, Mayaguez is the unofficial capital of Puerto Rico’s west coast, 1 hour from Rafael Hernández Airport and the third largest city in Puerto Rico, also known as the sultana of the West, City of Pure Waters and the City of the Mango.

While an earthquake in 1918 destroyed many of Mayaguez landmark buildings, much of the city’s old-world European charm has been maintained.

The city of Mayagüez boasts the Zoológico de Mayagüez, the single zoo in Puerto Rico, and the Plaza de Colon, the most beautiful square in the country that also features a fountain in honor of Christopher Columbus and the Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria Cathedral.

The city is home to the Teatro Yaguez, an esteemed theater constructed in 1909, damaged by a fire a decade after, and then reconstructed in 1921 and entered the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

If you’re looking for the best place to stay in Puerto Rico for a shopping experience, make sure to visit Mayagüez Mall, the third-largest shopping center in Puerto Rico.

It’s also a great idea to take a trip to the main campuses of the University of Puerto Rico if you are a student or intend to visit one.

Mayaguez’s 13 beaches make a great spot for scuba diving, particularly Isla de Mona, which features 13,500 acres of crystal-clear water and plentiful marine life.

Best Places To Stay in Puerto Rico in Mayaguez:

  • Holiday Inn Mayaguez & Tropical Casino
  • Howard Johnson Downtown Mayaguez
  • Mayagüez Resort & Casino
  • Mayaguez Plaza Hotel; SureStay Collection by Best Western

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8. Fajardo, Where To Stay in Puerto Rico for Island Hopping and Beaches

Fajardo 2137851285.png

The city of Fajardo is known by many as La Metrópolis del Sol Naciente or the city that guards the sun of the Caribbean. People looking for crystal clear waters to enjoy in Puerto Rico should look no further than Fajardo, located on the island’s east side. In short, it is where to stay in Puerto Rico for island hopping and beaches.

It has its own airport, a golf course designed by Arthur Hills in 1993, and is home to one of the best hotels in Puerto Rico – El Conquistador Beach Resort. Visitors to this resort enjoy taking in breathtaking coastal views and taking advantage of the new water park available for kids.

Tourists who visit Fajardo can explore the Bioluminescent Lagoon, as well as the Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve, composed of ten small islands that can be accessed via Las Croabas and U.S. Customs House.

The El Faro de las Cabezas de San Juan lighthouse is also worth a visit. Furthermore, the coast of Fajardo and the nearby area offers beautiful beaches. The coral reefs and animal habitats at Icacos Island are particularly notable, as visitors can observe turtle hatchlings and a range of marine life.

Best Places to Stay in Puerto Rico in Fajardo:

  • Sueños del Mar
  • A Seascape Guest Room
  • El Conquistador Resort

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9. Rincon, Where to Stay in Puerto Rico for Surfing


Where to stay in Puerto Rico? Renowned as the premier surfing destination of Puerto Rico, Rincon is a seaside town located on the western coastline, famous for having the best beaches in the country for surfers. It is no doubt the best place to stay in Puerto Rico.

Rincon is also a great place to go whale-watching during the winter and spring months.

The town is home to the Surfing Museum, Galeria del Surfing, the very spot of the 1968 World Surfing Championships, and classes for those wanting to learn the sport.

Aside from surfing, there are plenty of other aquatic activities, such as diving, deep-sea fishing, sea snorkeling, and catamaran sailing.

If you are an enthusiast of art, then you should definitely visit Tres Palmas Marine Reserve, Secret Garden Art Gallery, and Galería Exodo.

The Punta Higüeras Lighthouse is the ideal place to picnic, unwind, and even observe whales.

Best Places to Stay in Puerto Rico in Rincon:

  • Casa Verde Hotel
  • Rincon Beach Resort
  • Rincon of the Seas Grand Caribbean Hotel

>> Check the best deals to stay in Puerto Rico in Rincon

10. Isabela, Where to Stay in Puerto Rico for Local Culture and Natural Beauty


Where to stay in Puerto Rico? This gorgeous island area, known as Isabela, or the Garden of the Northwest, is named after Isabella I of Castille. The town is located in the north-westernmost corner of Puerto Rico, close to other cities such as Camuy, Aguadilla and Arecibo.

Some of the attractions in Isabela include Jobos Beach, Guajataca Forest, Cueva de las Golondrinas, Montones Beach, and a few of the best spots for seafood in Puerto Rico.

The Guajataca State Forest and the Cordillera Mountains boast a walking path that moves through various towns, culminating in the Cueva del Viento (Cave of the Wind), which has a lookout tower and a zone for picnics.

This forest is renowned for its 40 acres of vegetation, underground passages, subterranean water systems, archaeological sites, and caverns.

Additionally, the Guajataca Tunnel, constructed in the early 1900s for the American Railroad Co., provides visitors with a peculiar and exciting exploration experience.

The rock depiction of Chief Mabodamaca, killed by the Spanish during the Indigenous Uprising of 1511, is an exceptionally moving place and serves as a reminder of the bravery and strength of Puerto Rico’s native population.

Best Places to Stay in Puerto Rico in Isabela:

  • Parador Villas Del Mar Hau
  • Villa Montaña Beach Resort
  • Royal Isabela

>> Check the best deals to stay in Puerto Rico in Isabela

11. Vieques Island, Where to Stay in Puerto Rico for a Unique and Unforgettable Experience

Vieques shutterstock_2151366611.png

Where to stay in Puerto Rico? Situated by the eastern shore of Puerto Rico, Vieques Island was an American naval base in the past. Its main draw is the remarkable Mosquito Bioluminescent Bay, one of the five National Natural Landmarks situated in Puerto Rico.

The Guinness Book of World Records has described the bioluminescent Mosquito Bay as the most impressive and brightest of its kind in the world because of the high concentration of dinoflagellates, which are microscopic organisms.

The Vieques Island National Wildlife Refuge is a highly visited spot on the island, taking up an expansive 60% of the region. It boasts an array of beaches, salt flats, lagoons, and mangrove forests, as well as a wide variety of rare and endangered species.

Vieques Island is home to the Fortín Conde de Mirasol, a miniature Spanish fortress with a great view of Isabel Segunda. Tourists can explore the compound, the buildings, and the art and history museum devoted to Caribbean history, with a special display about the conflict between the US Navy and the local inhabitants.

Vieques Island throws up a few festivals throughout the year, such as the Three Kings Festival in January, the Vieques Cultural Festival in June, and the De La Arepa in August and September.

Best Places To Stay in Puerto Rico in Vieques:

  • Blue Horizon Boutique Resort
  • Casa de Tortuga Guesthouse
  • Esperanza Inn
  • The Wave Hotel
  • Bravo Beach Hotel
  • Acacia Guesthouse
  • El Blok

>> Check the best deals to stay in Puerto Rico on Vieques Island

12. Ponce, Where to Stay in Puerto Rico With Lots of Things To Do

Ponce 2108684465.png

Where to stay in Puerto Rico? Referred to as La Perla del Sur, Ponce is the second-biggest city in Puerto Rico, situated on the south shoreline gazing the Caribbean Sea.

One of the most renowned attractions in the region is the Parque de Bombas on Plaza Las Delicias. This former fire station is now a historic museum enrolled on the National Register of Historic Places.

For art fans, the Museo de Arte de Ponce shows off art from different parts of the world. The Museo de la Historia de Ponce is the Museum of the History of Ponce and is another great attraction.

So, what things to do in Puerto Rico in Ponce? Those eager to learn about the long-standing heritage of sugar and rum should venture to the majestic Serallés Castle, which is situated in Ponce and owned by the Serrallés clan, the proprietors of the Don Q rum factory.

When at Castillo Serrallés, you can also explore the 19th-century Cruceta del Vigía tower on El Vigia Hill, the delightful Jardín Japonés, the mayor’s abode of Fuente de Leones, and the Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

If you fancy coffee, visit Hacienda Buena Vista or Pomarrosa to become more familiar with Puerto Rico’s coffee culture. Don’t forget to look at Salto Vives waterfall while you’re in the area!

You may take a private boat to Caja de Muertos, or Dead Box Island, and relax on Pelicano Beach, where you can dive, snorkel, canoe, or simply stroll along the shoreline.

Ponce is also home to the renowned Costa Caribe Golf & Country Club, a 27-hole PGA Championship golf course.

If you’re looking for shopping opportunities, visit the Plaza del Caribe, Fox Delicias Mall, and the Centro del Sur Shopping Center.

Best Places To Stay in Puerto Rico in Ponce:

  • Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino
  • Hilton Ponce Golf & Casino Resort
  • Caribe Hotel Ponce

>> Check the best deals to stay in Puerto Rico in Ponce

13. Cabo Rojo, Where to Stay in Puerto Rico for Best Shorelines

Cabo Rojo 1266365773.png

Where to stay in Puerto Rico? Appreciated by Puerto Ricans and situated on the south-west shoreline of the island, three hours from the SJU airport, the Village of Cofresí, otherwise called Cabo Rojo or Red Cape, has one of the most noteworthy selections of beaches on the island, including the renowned La Playuela Beach referred to as Playa Sucia by locals.

Some of the most sought-after attractions are Boqueron Beach, the Pink Salt Lagoons, Joyuda, the San Miguel Arcángel Church, and Los Morrillos Lighthouse, built in 1877 under Spanish rule. In 1981, Los Morrillos was recorded in the National Register of Historic Places of the United States Department of the Interior.

The Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1974, consisting of 1,836 acres of subtropical forest that is a habitat for many endangered bird species.

It is overseen by the Caribbean Islands National Wildlife Refuge Complex under the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. It is the first of its kind in the Caribbean to be part of the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network and the Boquerón State Forest.

Best Places to Stay in Puerto Rico in Cabo Rojo:

  • BOHO Beach Club
  • Combate Beach Resort

>> Check the best deals to stay in Puerto Rico in Cabo Rojo

14. Dorado, Where to Stay in Puerto Rico With Luxurious Destinations

Dorado 2010168167.png

Where to stay in Puerto Rico? Situated on the north coast, barely 15 miles away from San Juan, the prosperous community of Dorado is the most lavish holiday spot in Puerto Rico. It absolutely deserved its “golden” title due to its abundant culture, ancient buildings and attractions, museums, wonderful beaches, and the best Puerto Rico hotels. It is the best place to stay in Puerto Rico.

The origin of Dorado dates back to when the Rockefeller family purchased the land and developed it into a huge, exclusive holiday resort.

It has been purchased and developed over the years, transforming it into the Dorado Beach resort. Lavish, high-end chain hotels have made it a preferred destination for the wealthy and well-known.

Several golf courses, each designed by Robert Trent Jones, have been built, making it a great place for golfers of all levels.

Throughout the year, different festivals are held, each having its own traditions, goals, and ways of celebrating.

Visitors can also find The Watermill, modeled on a Puerto Rican sugar mill, with a lazy river, two slides that are 30 feet high, and several swimming pools.

To become more familiar with the area’s history, the Museo de Arte e Historia de Dorado is a great place to visit. It’s an art and archeological museum that includes displays and relics from the Spanish rule of Puerto Rico.

Furthermore, the Sanctuary of Christ of the Reconciliation Church provides artifacts and items of a similar age and design. Finally, the Distinguished Doradenos Plaza has a superb local architecture that one can admire, as well as the Juan Boria Theater.

Best Places to Stay in Puerto Rico in Dorado:

  • Dorado Beach, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve
  • Embassy Suites by Hilton Dorado del Mar Beach Resort
  • Hyatt Residence Club Dorado’s, Hacienda Del Mar
  • Paradigm Villa Dorado

>> Check the best deals to stay in Puerto Rico in Dorado

15. Arecibo, Where to Stay in Puerto Rico for Lovers of History and Nature

Arecibo 1558784024.png

Where to stay in Puerto Rico? The Arecibo Observatory is renowned for its Arecibo Telescope, the biggest radio telescope in the world until July 2016.

The Arecibo Lighthouse and Historical Park was created by the Spaniards in 1898 and is close to La Poza del Obispo, a picturesque beach.

Additionally, there is Cueva del Indio, located just a short distance east of the lighthouse, which is an archeological site containing a Taíno petroglyph.

The Cathedral Of Saint Philip the Apostle, built during the 18th century, is among the notable landmarks in the city.

Another remarkable attraction is the Punta Los Morrillos Lighthouse and the City Hall building, which is also a sight to behold.

The Birth Of The New World Statue, a masterpiece of Russian sculptor Zurab Tsereteli depicting Christopher Columbus, stands tall at 295 feet and is the tallest statue in the entire continent of the Americas.

>> Check the best deals to stay in Puerto Rico in Arecibo

16. Condado: Where to Stay in Puerto Rico

Where to stay in Puerto Rico? Condado is in the heart of Puerto Rico and provides access to the beach, well-known eateries, and a lagoon. This area is an ideal option for family vacations and boasts some of the best Puerto Rico resorts.

There is a wide range of accommodation choices available in Condado, such as rooms with outdoor terraces, pools, dining areas, comfortable beds, outdoor pools, and even an in-house casino. Of particular note is the four-star Condado Vanderbilt Hotel, which is located in this district.

Best Places to Stay in Puerto Rico in Condado

  • La Concha Renaissance Resort
  • Condado Ocean Club
  • Condado Vanderbilt

>> Check the best deals to stay in Puerto Rico in Condado

Where to Stay in Puerto Rico: FAQs

Here we answer common questions about where to stay in Puerto Rico.

Which Is the Best Place to Stay in Puerto Rico?

Where to stay in Puerto Rico? If you’re looking for the best place to stay in Puerto Rico and experience an unforgettable vacation in Puerto Rico, Old San Juan has plenty of sightseeing spots.

Rio Grande offers plenty of outdoor activities. The best place to stay in Puerto Rico for surfers is Rincon or Cabo Rojo. Vieques is the best place to stay in Puerto Rico if you fancy an awe-inspiring bioluminescent bay, and Culebra is an ideal destination to unwind and relax on the beach.

Where Should You Not Stay in Puerto Rico?

Tourists should avoid booking accommodation in caserios or La Perla when in Puerto Rico, as these are not typically tourist areas and not the best places to stay in Puerto Rico.

Additionally, the center of the city is not the best place to stay in Puerto Rico if you prefer to be close to the beach or are not comfortable driving on winding roads.

Which Side of the Island Is the Best Place to Stay in Puerto Rico?

Where to stay in Puerto Rico? Those looking to get away from it all will find the ideal destination on the west coast of Puerto Rico. Sunbathers, surfers, and folks who love the outdoors will appreciate the area’s tranquil atmosphere.

The north coast is the ideal spot for folks who want to be close to the action of a bustling city but still be able to enjoy nature. On the east side, visitors can find Puerto Rico All Inclusive Resorts and pristine beaches.

>> Check the best deals to stay in Puerto Rico in San Juan

What Is the Most Beautiful Part of Puerto Rico?

Where to stay in Puerto Rico? Vacationers looking for some history should check out Old San Juan, Ponce, and Arecibo in Puerto Rico. Those more interested in the stunning natural scenery can explore Manatí, Isabela, Aguadilla, Rincón, Cabo Rojo, Vieques, and Culebra, which boast the most picturesque beaches and landscapes.

Which Is Better, Condado or Isla Verde?

Where to stay in Puerto Rico? Visiting Isla Verde is recommended for those who prefer to remain near the airport but still have the opportunity to appreciate the beach and sample the local delicacies.

Alternatively, Condado is more suitable for those who wish to avoid the commotion of Isla Verde yet stay close to the attractions of Old San Juan and the shoreline. In addition, Condado is more welcoming for families and has the best Puerto Rico hotels.

Is It Better to Stay in Old San Juan or Condado?

Where to stay in Puerto Rico? Visitors looking to be near Puerto Rico’s famous sites should go to Old San Juan, as the attractions are within comfortable walking distance.

Families wishing to combine a beach vacation with sightseeing should stay in Condado, close to Old San Juan’s attractions.

>> Check the best deals to stay in Puerto Rico in San Juan

Where to Stay in Puerto Rico: Conclusion

Puerto Rico is one of the safest Caribbean islands. Since it is among the best scenic spots in Puerto Rico and because it has a broad variety of resorts, eateries, nightclubs, and retail locations, Old San Juan is the perfect destination for first-time visitors.

A number of popular sights are within walking distance, and the hotel’s location is convenient for easy access to the airport.

>> Check the best deals to stay in Puerto Rico in San Juan

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