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Widespread rain forecast as temperatures continue to climb: Spain weather March 6-9


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Date Published: 06/03/2023

The thermometers will reach the mid to high-20s in parts of Spain this week but it’s likely to be a damp few days

After a pleasant weekend with spring-like temperatures it’s time to bring the umbrellas back out as the arrival of a new Atlantic front will result in widespread rain across Spain from Monday March 6. However, the mercury will continue to climb in most areas, with many provinces tipped to exceed 20ºC this week, so the frosts that have been plaguing inland Spain will largely disappear.


Monday will be cloudy or overcast throughout as the instability increases and Andalucia has been issued with a yellow weather warning in the central hours of the day for heavy rainfall. Much of the Atlantic coast can expect light rain and showers, the most intense of which will hit Cádiz and the Strait of Gibraltar.


The Balearic Islands and the eastern coast will be wet earlier in the day but the Mediterranean area and the Canary Islands should remain dry.


Daytime temperatures will drop in eastern Spain but rise in the extreme north and south, reaching a pleasant 22ºC in Murcia. The night will also be considerably warmer practically everywhere compared to previous days.


Winds from the west and southwest will feel much stronger along the coast.


The real change in the weather will take hold on Tuesday March 7 when intense rain will again hit Cádiz and Gibraltar. The front will bring widespread rain to the Atlantic and Cantabrian coasts though so most places can at least expect some showers.


The eastern Mediterranean will be cloudy all day although the Canary Islands will enjoy bright, sunny weather.


Day and nighttime temperatures will increase across the country, reaching the low to mid-20s in the south.


Andalucia, Asturias, Cantabria and the Basque Country have all been issued with a yellow warning for adverse sea conditions.


As we move into Wednesday March 8, only Galicia is on alert for rough seas, but here the rain will also be extremely heavy. Weak but widespread showers are forecast in the western part of the country, the north and the south, stretching in to Andalucia. Locally strong storms haven’t been ruled out in these areas


The mercury will increase across the board although a westerly breeze could create a wind chill along the coast.


Alicante will enjoy highs of 24ºC on Wednesday while the temperatures could climb as high as 28ºC in Murcia.


Looking ahead to Thursday March 9 and little change is expected. It will be another largely overcast day with plenty of rainfall predicted in Galicia, the eastern end of Cantabria and the western Pyrenees, although the south of the country should escape the worst of the showers.


The Mediterranean coast will enjoy some sunny spells and any fog that is present should confine itself to mountainous areas.


No major changes in daytime temperatures are expected, with slight drops in the northern third of the country while the mercury should creep up a couple more degrees on the islands.


Alicante is tipped to be the hottest place in the country on Thursday, with highs of 26ºC expected throughout.



Image: Aemet


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