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Meet Aitana, the 25-year-old Spanish AI-powered influencer who earns around Rs 9 lakh per month – Times of India


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Artificial intelligence (AI) has taken over several things — from getting a simple job done to complicated stuff like creating songs, generating videos, etc. The most recent implementation of AI comes in the form of an influencer called Aitana.
Aitana is a 25-year-old virtual influencer powered by artificial intelligence and Photoshop wizardry.
Aitana’s creators, a team of designers and AI experts, have managed to program her in a way to bring life into her digital persona by carefully crafting her appearance, personality and lifestyle.
Unlike traditional models who serve as blank canvases for designers, Aitana boasts a distinct identity meticulously tailored to resonate with modern audiences.
Aitana currently has over 121000 million followers and she earns somewhere around Rs 9 lakh per month.
Initially, Aitana was envisioned as a fitness enthusiast with a determined and multifaceted character, Aitana’s online presence tells a captivating story. Her website depicts her as an outgoing and caring individual, while her social media feeds transport viewers to weekend getaways in Madrid, gaming sessions, and embracing the fusion of Eastern and Western cultural trends.
The creation of Aitana stemmed from a realisation that audiences connect more deeply with narratives than mere images. “We had to give her a bit of reality so that people could relate to her in some way,” explains the graphic designer behind her conception.
Aitana’s success has been so profound that her creators have already unveiled a second virtual model, Maia, billed as “a little more shy.” Both monikers strategically incorporate the acronym “AI”.
Beyond captivating audiences, Aitana and her ilk hold the potential to disrupt the influencer marketing industry. Brands seeking personalised ambassadors without the risk of real-life continuity issues or exorbitant fees are flocking to commission their virtual models.
Aitana’s existence is not without controversy. Critics voice concerns over the promotion of unrealistic beauty standards and the highly sexualized portrayal of these digital personas. Nonetheless, her creators argue that they merely reflect the existing aesthetic norms set by real influencers and brands.

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