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Supermarket savings: Carrefour launches mystery shopping carts in Spain


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Date Published: 13/03/2024


The initiative will be rolled out across Spain and promises huge savings for shoppers

With grocery prices shooting up on a seemingly weekly basis, supermarkets in the UK are doing their bit to take a little pressure off consumers. Tesco has its ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ boxes and Lidl, Morrisons and even the famously expensive Sainsbury’s all offer discount packs of wonky fruit and veg.


Spain might be a little late to the game, but shoppers are excited by Carrefour’s announcement that it is launching ‘surprise carts’ – shopping trolleys filled with unknown goodies that will be five times cheaper than the normal retail price of the products inside.


According to a Carrefour statement, “It is the first time that this purchasing concept, as surprising as it is original, has been launched in Spain.”


Consumers will be able to find two types of surprise carts: the first trolley contains basic and common food and hygiene products for the whole family valued at 50 euros and which can be purchased for only 9.99 euros.


The second cart, made up of non-food items, includes small appliances, stationery, clothing and household items worth 150 euros, and this will go on sale for just 29 euros.


But just like the ‘Too Good To Go’ boxes and other similar cost-saving initiatives in Britain, shoppers won’t know what they’ve got until after they’ve gone through the checkout, so there’s always the possibility of ending up with things you don’t need or that your family doesn’t like.


On this point, the supermarket chain has assured that it has taken every care to ensure that the products in the trolleys will be popular and useful for most households.


In any case, the deal will be run just one day per week and each shopper will only be allowed to buy a single surprise cart.


“Carrefour is a benchmark in creating innovative, dynamic and original shopping experiences for its customers,” a spokesperson said.


“This type of action reflects once again its commitment to the savings of its customers, who can also benefit from other measures such as lowering prices of 500 products permanently, the advantages of El Club Carrefour, the largest loyalty program in Spanish distribution, and thousands of products on promotion every day.”


The initiative has already been well received in Madrid and Andalucía and it will be extended to the rest of Spain in the coming weeks, so keep an eye on social media for the date it will land in a supermarket near you.



Image: Carrefour


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